Lapland collection/ Souveniers


Lapland is about never-ending darkness and never-ending light. Lapland is about mystique and authenticity. It is full of both beauty and barrenness. Lapland is about wandering reindeer herds, mountain lines and unpolluted streams. Lapland is about breathing the purest air in the world. Lapland is about silence created by the Midnight Sun’s orange rays and the Polar Night’s blue darkness. Lapland is embellished in turn by the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, full moon and the dark blue starry sky. Lapland is about the contrast of the nature at its purest. It is about colours and shapes, communities and wilderness, cohesion and peaceful silence.
Lapland is much more than just an area – Lapland is a feeling that has to be experienced.

We’ve brought that special feeling into our Lapland collection by combining the parts of Lapland that best reflect the most beautiful area of Finland. That’s why our Lapland collection is simple and minimalistic, beautiful and bare and it is based on the colours of the full moon, Midnight Sun, snow and the Northern Lights.
Even though Lapland has an abundance of the diversity of nature, it’s best described with simple symbols.

That is why our Lapland collection brings you a piece of the land with these simplistic and beautiful symbols. When wearing these clothes, you’ll feel the serenity of reindeer, the freshness of mountain streams and the delicate warmth that is created by the Sami Sun. When experiencing those feelings, you’ll know that you are wearing something original. Something that no one else has or can copy – you’re wearing a piece of Finnish Lapland.

Our Lapland collection includes clothing of natural fibers for men and women. The clothes are high quality and they have been entirely made for use. The collection includes shirts, hoodies, beanies and sauna and decoration textiles. All of the symbols are hand-painted with water based colors