Pikkupuoti Ltd. – a family company

Erja Raittinen became an entrepreneur in 1987. Erja’s husband Veli-Matti and their three children have been involved to the company during the years by helping out and working for the company.
Erja’s son Mikko started to work for Pikkupuoti Ltd full-time in 2007 with his fiancée Tiina. Mikko and Tiina brought new ideas and helped the company to modernize its functions.

It was 2012 that Mikko bought the company from his mother. Erja continued working for the company as a designer. Mikko Raittinen is the CEO of Pikkupuoti Ltd and he handprints every item of the production. Tiina is in charge of the company’s marketing. Mikko’s father Veli-Matti helps around the company, you could say he’s the company’s part-time janitor.

In 2016 Mikko’s sisters Maija and Enni also started to work for the company again. Maija writes a blog for the company and she also started a web shop that sells Scandinavian design, including Pikkupuoti Ltd.’s products. Enni works mainly with the company’s finance and paperwork.