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Sauna is a big part of the Finnish culture. Although sauna is part of a Finn’s everyday life, it is still always included when celebrating special days. Sauna is heavily involved in events like Chrismas, Midsummer and Easter. Perhaps Finns love sauna so much because it is where the noices and the rush of the world completely disappear. Only the hiss of sauna stove can be heard.

The first Finnish saunas were built over 3,000 years ago. They were built in holes on the ground and the hole was filled with hot stones that you could sit on. On top of the hole was built a small cottage that kept the heat inside. By pouring water on the hor stones you could feel the heat, and that is how ”löyly” was created.
Even though sauna has changed a lot in the past 3,000 years, the main concept still remains untouched. And why should it even be changed since it’s already working perfectly?

That’s why we’ve brought these traditional Finnish sauna themes to our Sauna textiles: These traditional themes have been part of the Finnish culture throughout Finland’s history. Reindeer and the Sun, Northern Labrador Tea and Cottongrass, Moose, Twinflower, Sunflower, Snowflake, Pine Tree and the Midsummer Birch.
With these beautiful patterns you’ll bring a little bit of originality and traditionality into your sauna. They are representing something that Finns have always valued a lot more than concrete buildings or abstract art. These patterns are representing the Finnish nature which is the most valued thing in the Finnish culture. Now you can take a piece of it into your sauna!

From our large selection, you will find sauna pillows, towels, hand towels, sauna hats and much more! Our products are of high quality and made for use. They are the perfect choice for a gift!