Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 § 15.5.2018 Updated 6.2.2019

Data Controller

Pikkupuoti Raittinen Ltd Business ID: 1036646-0 Mäntytie 17, 19650 Joutsa, Finland +358 400 386 720 e-mail:

The person in charge of matters relating to the register and/ or contact person Mikko Raittinen Mäntytie 17, 19650 Joutsa, FI +358 400 386 720 e-mail:

Name of the register -webshop, monitoring orders and sustain customer register.

The purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of the register is following the -webshop orders, archiving and keep statistics. Person has ordered from our webshop or has registered to use our webshop.

Content of the register

Information what the register of the -webshop includes are:

Release of the register

Register is not to be released outsite of -webshop.

Using the -webshop register requires rights to use the register.

Protection of the register

Register is in Pikkupuoti Raittinen Ltd. password protected server.